Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Inside Jewelry Designer Joanne Sugura's Studio

Joanne Sugura of Pariscope Studios, invites me into her work space. She showcases some of her recent work which includes necklaces with adjustable zippers and plymouth, wire/mesh netting, and old book pages. A lot of the materials Joanne uses are from Paris and all other parts of the world. I found her pieces to be truly unique and innovative in jewelry design. 

Featured above are pieces of an antique ivory retractable tape measurer holder. It broke and turned into all these beautiful things. 

What's been your proudest moment in the past year?
good feed back, encouragement, and sales for Pariscope Studios. Also recently making connections with boutique owners that are taking a chance on us and really understand our work. That makes me proud.

Can you tell me a little more about Pariscope? 
It was formed in January of this year with my friend and colleague, Elena Korakianitou. We rely on the old japanese philosophy Wabi-Sabi which means the appreciation of discarded and decayed (bones, broken things, pages of old books) and giving it a renewal and then incorporate into something new.

Have you always had an interest in jewelry design?
I received a BA in sculpture at Portland State and went on to get my MFA at Pratt Institute in NYC where I met my husband. About two years ago, Elena asked if I'd help her get ready for a show and it went really well so that sparked the collaboration. 

What influences your jewelry?
diversity of materials, antique tapestry, rubber gaskets, and found objects

What and/or who are your fashion influences?
I tend to like things that look like dancers might have worn. Architecture is also a big influence of mine. For people I would say, Coco Chanel (because she liberated women in terms of clothing), Sonia Wrinkle, and Rodarte.

What are some of your fashion faux pas?
unflattering short shorts and sundresses with cowboy boots

What are a few things you never leave the house without?
lipstick and bottled water

What's your vice?
I don't think I have any because I love everything I do; social, art, film etc. I think if you love so much about life you can't make a category of vice. 

What's your most valuable possession?
My Mom's wedding ring

What's a value you highly admire in a man?
intelligence and sense of humor

What's a value you highly admire in a woman?
intelligence, joie de vie, and compassion.


  1. hi I am a friend of Greek artist Elena Korakianitou's for the past 30 yeas, I am surprised to find photos of someone else who wants to look like her, with Elena's paintings in the background, her look, and even her dogs!
    It is obvious this lady is trying to take over my friend's persona and want to make a point of telling her to find her own personality.

  2. I'm sorry but I think you are mistaken, Carlota. Joanne and Elena are partners in Pariscope. I don't think there is any case of stolen identity or "persona". If you would have read the interview you would have known they are work partners. While I did the photoshoot & interview with Joanne, Elena was away on vacation in Greece. I think there has been some misunderstanding here.

  3. What a lovely glimpse into the mind and work of Pariscope! thank you!