Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On Pike Street... Seattle, WA

Vintage Photos

Recently a friend of mine, Elena Jacqueline, posted some family photos on her personal site. I wanted to share them because I think the photos showcase the romantic style from the 1940's and 60's that I so love; stripes, starched collars, circular frames, peak-style lapel blazers,  one size jackets, and kitten heels. 
Elena's grandparents were Jewish French-Italians who grew up in Tunis, Tunisia during the 1940's. After WWII they moved to Italy to pursue the communist cause as well as careers in engineering and the arts. 

Elena's grandparents & friends during the 1940s in Tunis, Tunisia. 

Elena's grandmother in Milan, Italy 1960.

Elena's grandfather just outside Milan, Italy in the countryside 1961.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blak Designment... Cafe Vita Bean Room

On December 15th I was fortunate enough to be asked to snap some photos at BLAK DESIGNMART, a Pop-Up Shop in the Cafe Vita bean room. The event featured local designers and shops including but not limited to Ladies & Gentlemen, Kaleidoscope Vision, Object, Ampersand As Apostrophe, Glasswing, Brackish, Ozen leather goods,  Kimberly Baker Jewelry, and &c. jewelry. 

 Julianna Marie, Co-founder of Ozen & The Secret Shoppe

 Claire Haranda, Styling Coordinator at Nordstrom Personal Blog.

Stacey Rozich, Illustrator.