Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meet the Riefflins

Last weekend I went over to my Grandmother's house and I found a lovely surprise. Laying on her coffee table were scrap books of old photographs from when she first moved to Seattle in 1942 and when she met my Grandfather at Boeing. 

I wanted to share a little bit of my family history with all of you because I genuinely miss how young people dressed back then. Outfits weren't as lazily thought out as they are today. There was no north faces, Ugg boots, and juicy sweat pants. Instead there was fur jackets, tailored suits, trousers, and heels. 

Guys and girls take notes:

My Grandmother on her honeymoon in Victoria, B.C. 1944

    My Grandparents waiting in the lobby of Empress Hotel on their honeymoon. Victoria, B.C

 My Grandmother on Lummi Island. 1944
      High waisted swim suits are in this season.

  My Grandfather on Lummi island. 1944

My Grandfather in his Navy attire. 

   Grandmother in Volunteer Park. 1943.

 Grandmother boating on Lake Washington. 1943.

My Grandparents. 1944

 My Grandmother SMOKING. 1944. 

        Grandfather. Snoqualmie Pass. 1944

          Grandmother. Snoqualmie Pass. 1944


  1. KIRBY! Your grandpa's sweater!!! And I love your grandma's saddle shoes. Tooooooo good!

  2. That's pretty cool and oh so stylin'

  3. these photos are great kirbs! thanks for sharing!